Iceland - the LOST

The Last Farm (Icelandic title Síðasti bærinn) is a live action short film. The film's runtime is approximately 20 minutes. It was directed by Rúnar Rúnarsson, and stars Icelandic actor Jón Sigurbjörnsson. The film was scored by Kjartan Sveinsson, the keyboardist for Sigur Rós. The film is about a farmer who lives in the last farm in his region in Vestfirðir, Iceland. His wife dies few days before they two are scheduled to leave the farm for a retirement home. The farmer keeps the death a secret from his daughter who is coming to pick them up, and concocts a plan, revealed in the last scene. On January 31, 2006 it was nominated for the Academy Award for Live Action Short Film but failed to win.

This Project is now an inspiration by the very amazing and magic

 icelandic movie - "The Last Farm" form 2006.

The movie is about true LOVE on this very

difficult small island with very special weather and climate.

Directed: Runar Runarsson

Music: Sigur Ross

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